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Another major difference between hot tubs and spas is the cost. You can even get same day service when we are available. Today’s the day your hot tub is finally here. Filtration is an important part of keeping your water crystal clear. Hot tubs are certainly a process to install, but if you want this element in your outdoor space, experienced build teams can certainly work with you to find the best and easiest installation solutions. Don’t let anything stop you from getting the Mansfield hot tub you’ve always wanted. This is to help prevent damage to your spa, and to avoid voiding your spa’s warranty. Premium in ground units can cost up to $18,000 CAD 23,500. Because heat rises, the majority of heat loss occurs through the top of the hot tub. To ensure that the hot tub doesn’t fall off, secure the jacuzzi to the dolly http://dienchans.com/community/profile/nevatalarico512/ with moving straps. The two most important chemicals when installing your tub are PH controllers and a sanitiser either chlorine or bromine. Not only does it help when you’re using your spa after dark, but it also adds a touch of elegance to your backyard. These lights can highlight the best features of your hot tub and increase the beauty of your landscaping. However, the tub itself can be reused as a fish pond or even a kid’s wading pool. Or, if you want something less permanent, there is a wide range of modern gazebos that you can set up around your hot tub. The biggest question is “how do you even move a hot tub. The total hardness refers to the levels of calcium in your tub. Perfect for plants, storage and entertaining.

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You get to choose the amount and placement of hydrotherapy jets and finishing materials like tile and exterior stone that decorates the spa’s walls. It is sometimes best to hire someone rather than trying to move a hot tub on your own. Furthermore, if a crane is needed and you live on a busy or major road we will likely need to let the local council and police know. We can talk you through all your options on the day. If you hire a mover to move your home, advise him that you have a hot tub so that he brings along the necessary equipment. Modernize is here to help you find a reliable and local professional to get the job done. Moving a hot tub doesn’t require a ton of supplies, but there are a few must haves you need to gather if you want to make the hot tub moving process as stress free as possible. Sign up for wikiHow’s weekly email newsletter. Make sure all cords are put away, so that nothing is dangling from the hot tub. Be sure you and your contractor have the most up to date zoning and building restrictions. It costs between $13,000 and $19,000 to add it to an existing pool. However, some pros charge $100/hour for their services. Your email address will not be published. Take a look at this set up, for instance, where the hot tub has been given its own dedicated level away from the patio space up top. If you need to build a deck or patio first, the cost can rise substantially.

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Do You Need an Electrician to Install a Hot Tub?

Mon – Sat: 10:00 AM – 6:00 PMSun: 12:00 PM – 5:00 PMAppointments: Anytime. If it has a 120v connection, it can be plugged into a dedicated grounded outlet using the unit’s 10 foot cord. Or choose motion sensor lights in dark areas of the yard if you want to make your yard safer. Com’s Labor Center, powered by HireAHelper. See Showroom Get Directions. Pick the most pleasant spot you can find to fulfill your dreams for your hot tub. Water and electricity do not mix. Start with Step 1 to begin setting up your hot tub. So long as the deck can support the weight and the patio is solid, the area should make for a fine installation. Construction can take as little as 2 to 3 weeks or as long as 10 to 12 weeks, depending on the project’s complexity. Materials range from very lightweight and portable vinyl to wood, with prices differing between shell materials. I highly recommend them for a backyard pool and landscaping project. You can install your new hot tub with one side level with the ground and the other end exposed. Remove the sod to a depth of three inches. This critical safety device is designed to shut off power in the event of an electrical short circuit in as little as 1/40th of a second. Aside from costs, the advantages and disadvantages of portable and in ground spas vary.

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Similarly, hot tubs are heavy and difficult to maneuver, even for two to three people. Get price estimates from a few top rated specialty movers before you decide to risk your money, time, and most importantly – your health. An online search for removing a hot tub brings up many vendors who will come to your home, load up your hot tub and take it away — no questions asked. Once you know the dimensions of your spa, hire a moving truck that is large enough to accommodate your spa. All will require some sort of pad for support as well as access to electricity. City Check nearby stores. Always watch out to ensure the dollies do not slide out of proper position. What chemicals are essential for my Hot Tub. No offence taken Mary, we have grandchildren and would be mortified if they came to harm, hence the pool, spa and ponds are fenced/ lockable lid/ covered with mesh, but you can’t have a world risk sanitised for everything. This is the most direct way to get rid of foam – start from scratch. For the purposes of this guide, “hot tub” and “spa” will be used interchangeably. You could also consider building your own sauna. A contemporary retreat for a modern backyard.

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Drain the hot tub

Rainwater falling on the watertight roof will add to the experience with a soothing patter. Whether you choose an in ground hot tub or another installation style, you can create a space that is both functional and beautiful. Other foundation ideas include. Ready to remove that old hot tub. Help them before the big day by. I am interested in: check all that apply. A deck should be up to code to handle that kind of weight. For a standard delivery, you will need to have a clearance width of at least 42 inches and a clearance height of at least eight feet from the road to the place where the hot tub will be installed.

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Permanent outdoor in ground spas are constructed on site using a customized design plan and the same construction materials and techniques as a swimming pool. In the event that your hot tub ends up having an issue, you want to make sure that it can be easily serviced. With this installation, about 12 inches of the spa is above the ground. By AquaRest Spas, powered by Jacuzzi® pumps. Or maybe you want to add lights for backyard security. Do you have any suggested solutions. According to the home services marketplace HomeAdvisor, a 4 person tub filled with water could weigh as much as 4,000 pounds. They come in various sizes and are great for moving hot tubs, the downside to them, is that they can be expensive to purchase. Instead, use your tub as a beautiful garden focal point. Each stone is about 18 inches at the widest and about 6 inches high. Not only do we assess the best way to get the Hot Tub on to your property but we also advise on the best place to position your tub and assess the foundations that the Hot Tub will be sitting on. Building codes for different home improvement projects vary by state. Hot tubs have become incredibly popular since the start of the pandemic, as more garden owners are transforming their outdoor spaces into home spas. You see this often with items like pianos, pool tables, and hot tubs. Jason started researching how to move a hot tub by yourself to see if we could do it with just 2 people. We suggest the addition of weather proof furniture, outdoor lighting, fire features, and even a patio heater or two.

Electric and water connection

That also means a massive number of old hot tubs are being disposed of across the country. If you have some other property boundary like a wall or a hedge, there are small cranes that can lift hot tubs a few feet over obstacles. At Imagine Backyard Living, our team has many great ideas that you can use to create a private oasis, no matter what your home and backyard look like now. Installing a Hot Tub above ground is typically the more straightforward approach as it avoids the need for excavation. Find storage in your own neighborhood at half the cost of a self storage unit. Dumpster was clean and ready to use. Water is heated by an interior wood stove, so all you see on the outside is attractive wood. I know some people also put in a water pump with a floatation switch into the control room so if it does fill up, the pump will kick in. Many installation teams will deliver, fill, and wire the hot tub for you. Plus, you can have electronics like your home theater system nearby, so you can watch the game or play your favorite music while you relax. Shut off the circuit breaker to the hot tub. The tutorial will guide your through the entire process, including the initial design steps, detailed information about the heating and water components, and even information related to the plywood that you should use. ‘Patios with good foundations are often possible to use, but this should always be checked with the supplier before agreeing to locate the hot tub,’ they add. Let’s take a look at what’s involved in creating the perfect backyard hot tub installation. A salt water hot tub costs $6,500 to $18,000 on average. Basic hot tub building costs. – Tip provided by Clemens Jellema, Fine Decks, Maryland. Our guide to gazebos, pergolas, and spa surrounds is the inspiration you’ve been looking for.

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One approach is to have the hot tub rest on a concrete slab with the decking build halfway around 18″ high. Photo via Long Island Hot Tub. Photo via Landscaping Network. Both fire and water features will help to add some drama to your outdoor area. Christine Tusher, Houzz Contributor. After your hot tub is delivered, clean the interior, open the air valves, and fill it with water from a garden hose. Hot tubs are not subject to building regulations. You can buy replacement cartridges for your spa’s inline purification system at Hot Tub Outpost. In fact, a hot tub does not need to sit on concrete does not need to sit on concrete if you wish to have a different base.

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So you’ve sold your home and are in the process of moving, but what do you do with your backyard hot tub. It’s likely that the old and new yard will present at least a few obstacles to moving the hot tub. Discuss the idea with your dealer, and you may land yourself a good offer. This system we used for moving a hot tub worked so well that we moved our very large chicken coop we built from our garage to it’s resting place halfway across our yard the same way. On most occasions, these types of Jacuzzis are placed on the ground for saving more space. My kids love playing in the pool as well as learning their swim strokes in the current. Twenty ton boom cranes are the typical load limit size used for hoisting hot tubs from the street and over fences, small trees, and even over the house itself. Once you are done, just add dirt and potting soil into the mix, and you can then add plants. So you may want to have your local retailer deliver the hot tub for you.

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Follow us on Instagram for even more ideas. Essentially, those take the place of pavers or concrete and are a lot cheaper. He began his writing career reporting for The Source magazine. Remember that a hot tub that does not have a solid surface walkway around hot tub or at least at the entry exit area of the hot tub can result in a large of debris or dirt being inadvertently transferred into the hot tub on the hot tub bathers feet. Photo by Better Home and Gardens via The Urban Homestead. Installing a foundation and making the required outdoor electrical connections is much simpler than moving a wall in your home. At Imagine Backyard Living, you can easily create the backyard of your dreams and see a visual of how it looks before paying for it. It’s all about the context. Unit 7B Airport Industrial EstateKingston ParkNewcastleNE3 2EF. Using a HIAB is a regular occurrence for us and it definitely should not be feared. The best way is, filled to the proper operating level, checked on every few days, and kept at a temperature of over 100 degrees. Vibrant plants and fresh flowers can help you calm down by their sheer beauty and blissful smell. In ground spas typically receive similar zoning considerations as pools. After the installation work is done, have a celebratory soak. High quality hot tubs, including Hot Spring spas, are extremely heavy—even when empty. Sheryl Geerts is an editor and author who has nearly three decades of writing and editing experience. Although enlisting friends to help is not the best way to move a hot tub safely, and moving a hot tub on your own could be expensive and void any existing warranty more on that below, it is possible. Only one company would move the hot tub because of liabilities.


The top of the spa looks flush with the decking but part of the hot tub is exposed, with steps nearby so you can get in easily and safely. Auxiliary Features – Adding patio seating or a small bar area to a backyard can create a laid back and relaxed atmosphere. Sanitizing chemicals, like chlorine or bromine, can also be dangerous if used improperly. If your pond will be in a wooden whiskey or wine barrel, be sure to line it with a pre formed PVC plastic pond liner or a heavy rubber pond liner sheet. Use various levels to enhance your deck’s appeal and to create specific areas for entertaining guests. They’ll likely ask you a few questions about the location, foundation, and wiring before giving you an answer. Owners responses to a survey about what was important to them in choosing a hot tub include personal relaxation, hot tub quality and reliability, and therapy and pain relief. You should have at least three people to help lift, balance, and maneuver the hot tub during the moving process, though four people would be ideal. The size enables homeowners who wouldn’t otherwise have the space or budget for a full size pool to have a place to relax that beautifies the outdoor living space. A concrete slab designed to support the weight of a hot tub should be 4 inches thick minimally. Delivery personnel need an unobstructed path to transport your hot tub from their truck to your location, using a dolly. Deciding on the best possible location requires serious thought on all of the above points. I want it out of the house regardless if it can be set up out side or not. Once the hot tub is installed, you could consider hiring a landscaper. Getting them into the house on delivery day usually involves cutting a larger doorway or two and then repairing the doorways afterwards. In ground spas are beautiful and very customizable: you can choose the exact size, shape and placement you want. Get an MSRP price quote on a Bullfrog Spa model in your area by starting with our Design Studio software. So, the enclosure I made has a sheet of waterproof house wrap under the lid, and a Perspex front to protect the screen from splashing in the tub. But the new owners didn’t want it and put into the contract that I had to remove it. Before you set up your little oasis, here are a few things to note. This will give you the typical pounds you’ll need your deck to support. Options and Accessories. Hydropool hot tubs do not require a permanent water supply, however, it will necessary to have access to a non softened water supply and hosepipe within reach to be able to fill your tub. Photo by Kikuchi + Kankel Design Group via Style Motivation. Are you designing a new deck or using your hot tub on an existing deck.

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Stock tanks look rustic and cool without any touch ups, but you can also add a custom fit deck to make it cozier. Instead, lay down a bed of gravel and place large patio stones overtop. However, with the right amount of planning and preparation, it is more than achievable. When you have a recessed hot tub, though, it might be more difficult to get in. However, there are some guidelines to help you estimate what your deck can handle. Get to know how the control panel settings work, test out each button and adjust the power of each jet. If the delivery team can’t access the area you have selected or your backyard in general, you’ll have a problem. Also, as an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. In a recent article, I got into everything, including the 1 crucial mistake I made, which almost cost me $3,000 extra in electrical work I hadn’t planned on. Consider these common cost factors as you make a choice. Max occupancy 2 per bedroom. You need to plan appropriately for the relocation of your hot tub when you are finally sure you have to move it. The cedar hot tub in this blog post is highly impressive, and building one is also an achievable project for anyone with a few basic woodworking skills. Photo by Dave Simmerman Photography via Deck Magazine. Making a net positive impact as a company selling stuff is hard. Because of this, you need very little room on either side of the stove for fire safety reasons. This also means less work and fewer chemicals, which translates to less money spent on maintaining your hot tub. You can reap the benefits in the privacy of your own home or backyard. Get in touch today to learn more about creating your paradise. Recycle a bathtub or purchase your tub new and get started with your design. Check with your local building official to see if you need a permit. Compare Quotes From Top rated Pool, Spa and Hot Tub Contractors. For all these reasons, you need to ensure your installation includes good drainage channels to get rid of water regularly and quickly. Just as important or more even important are the size and placement of the massage jets. It will however give you some nice bubbly jets – exactly what we are looking for.

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Serviceable equipment can be located anywhere in the cabinet, so it’s essential to have the ability to remove all the panels. Most other rooms in the house will be damaged by moisture. The publisher will not be liable for direct, indirect, incidental, or consequential damages in connection with or arising from the use of the information displayed on lehmanlane. If those parts can be traced back to you, you could be in big trouble. If you can’t find this spout, consult the owner’s manual for a diagram. But that’s a conservative estimate – the costs can rise quickly if the hot tub is poorly built or your energy price plan increases. Great property, quick communication with owners, answered all questions really fast. Check out these 15 stunning ideas that will inspire you to create a tranquil setting in your yard all year ’round. Photo via Landscaping Network. Most unfilled tubs weigh between 500 and 1,000 pounds. “Think outside the standard wood platform with smart design ideas for a range of settings and budgets. It is probably possible to replace the control board to improve the performance. I have saved a chandelier to hang above hottub under the pergola. Customers regularly tell us – “I have no idea how you are going to get a Hot Tub in my garden. You could hire a dumpster, or bring the materials to a dump yourself if you have a pick up truck. Ensure that your system has completely drained and dried before moving to the next step. Excavation is also needed. If you simply apply the engineering required for this to work as a hot tub then you’d better apply for a second mortgage. If it’s higher than this you need to use a no scale treatment. Master Spas hot tubs are designed for year round enjoyment indoors or outdoors, and can be installed above ground, partially recessed or fully recessed. Above ground Jacuzzis cost $3,000 to $10,000 on average. Some tub skirts have a tongue and groove assembly, which means you’ll be able to simply unscrew the skirt instead of sawing it apart. Because they are large, electrically complex systems, installing hot tubs can be tricky. When dining or lounging, the inviting hot tub is just steps away: ready and waiting. By continuing to use this website you agree with our use of cookies. All year round service six days a week holidays included. When open, the cover will stick up 1/4 of the spa’s diameter creating a wind break or privacy screen.

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Photo via Nick Leith Smith. Nor do you want branches to fall and damage it. You can fill your hot tub with a hose from an outside tap. Of course, installing a new hot tub is an investment for now, but you also need to remember that hot tubs require energy usage that costs you in the form of monthly utility bills. These are highly customizable and come in a wide range of shapes and materials. When preparing a hot tub to be shipped, take steps to protect your prized relaxation spot. These range in price from $150 to $450. Hot tubs, spas and jetted tubs are luxury features and can sometimes add value to a home. Where are you located. Don’t let anyone get into the tub until the levels are at around 3 5ppm for chlorine and 2 5ppm for bromine. Anna is a keen urban gardener, with David Austin roses and Japanese acers among her favourite plants. It’s best to leave the job to the professionals, but if you have a strong back and an equally strong group of friends, it’s possible to move the hot tub yourself. For us DIYers, this is not an option. A national level of building codes. In addition, the electrician will need to run wires between the hot tub and an electrical panel. The wall features custom Bobe water scuppers, veneered with ledge stone and a Lueders limestone cap and ends. Visscher Specialty Products. Some hot tub dealers include installation free, but their 40% overhead and delivery fees offset any savings.


The real value of your high quality hot tub or spa investment will have more to do with how you and your family use the unit and the physical benefits you enjoy. Your local Caldera® Spas dealer can walk you through the process in a step by step way and provide detailed pre delivery instructions that will make the task feel completely manageable. There’s something about the combination of concrete and running water that’s very soothing in itself, without even considering the comfort that one of these tubs can actually provide. Most movers charge $350 for an “in town” pickup that requires a specialized trailer. Having an independent heater for your hot tub makes it easier to heat the water. You can buy and install them in a matter of hours, and you can change the plants and flowers whenever you like to change the look. Trees and native plants elevate the beauty of the space and provide different depths to include the soft lights to complement the space. An ozonator varies in price from $100 to $300, depending on the brand and size.


You can have just that, with a little planning. They can usually be plugged into a 240v outlet and moved around if needed. So don’t let that factor into your decision to put your hot tub indoors or outdoors. This scene shows tall bamboo plants in a trio of modern containers, which effortlessly divide the lawn from the hot tub. Here in the US you would think that there are literally thousands of contractors around the country that build hot tubs, you may be surprised to know that there are not that many. This post is all about what you need to buy. The best possible variants are: – A wide stone or concrete paving around the house – Deck around the backdoor – Any ground space with some preparations – you can find them in the article. With fewer chemicals added to your water, you’ll have a soft water experience with less chance of skin or eye irritation. Wrap it with furniture blankets and secure it inside the truck. You have to prepare a proper place before you place your tub somewhere. A fire pit can be turned on while you and guests enjoy your hot tub, adding an ambient glow to your surroundings. If you’ve owned your spa, Jacuzzi or hot tub for a while, you already know it’s a great way to take off the evening chill and enjoy a glass of wine or relax after a long day at work. This can add between $25 and $100 to the in ground hot tub cost. Many hardware stores carry ready made lattice and screen options that you can install yourself quite easily. But if your hot tub is situated over an existing concrete surface, you may find that the concrete is somewhat unlevel to account for drainage or from poor construction.

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